Easier to Create Events

Do you use the Calendar module to invite candidates to interviews and do you also think that inviting candidates for interviews is done quickly and easily with Events?
Hold on then, because we have made it even easier!


Internal description

A minor but still very relevant change is the title "internal description", because this title used to be named "Description" which confused some users whether it was a internal or external description and who would receive this information - candidates or users.
If anything is specified in this field the users will receive it with the invitation to the interview.


The participants from the vacancy will in the future automatically be added as attendees on the Event.
If some of the participants shouldn't be included as an attendee, then you can easily remove them by clicking on the red cross.


The reminder can be set to notify the attendees about the event before it start, but now it will also remind the candidates about the interview e.g. a day before, if you wish to do that.

The reminder for candidates can be created under "Messages" in the Setup menu, where you can create multiple reminders and set access on it so you can have different reminders for your departments.
Furthermore this reminder can be send as a SMS* or email.

*If you wish to create a SMS reminder then you need to have the SMS module activated on your Emply solution.

You can learn more about the SMS feature here

Date and time

When selecting a date and specified a time e.g. from 10:00 to 11:00, then the system will automatically on the next dates prefill the time based on the previous time (e.g. from 11:00 to 12:00).

If you invite candidates to interviews on different dates then the time on the first date will be reset to 09:00 and one hour ahead (according the previously times).


The Location will in the future be prefilled to the next dates if you create more than one date.
When the Location is filled out on the first date then this location will be prefilled on the next dates.
If the location is different then you can just edit the address and the system will then use this location to prefill the next dates.


If a candidates is selected to a specific date, then this candidate isn't selectable within the next date.
It makes it easier and more manageable to have a overview over which candidate that haven't been selected for a specific date.


It is no longer possible to create an Event from the Candidate list without selecting a relevant message template.
This means that from now on it is no longer possible to do following:

  • Create an Event without sending a message to the candidate
  • Create an Event and send a message without the merge field "[event.invitationlink]"
  • Send a message with the merge field "[event.invitationlink]" without creating an Event

Demo of message

It is now possible to see a demo of the message including the data from the Event, before the message is sent to the candidate.
This give you the opportunity to make sure that everything is OK.


If a candidate rejects the invitation to an interview and specify a reason, then this reason will be included in the notification that is sent to the attendees.


Get started with inviting candidates through Event

Click here and see how easy it is to use Event when inviting candidates to an interview