Source candidates from LinkedIn

Do you use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates or have you encountered an interesting profile that just matches your open vacancy?

You can send a message to the person through LinkedIn but wouldn’t it be better to have the candidate together with all of your other candidates in Emply Hire and via Emply communicate with the candidate – quickly and easy?

With the new LinkedIn Chrome Plugin, it is possible to source candidates directly from LinkedIn to your Emply account. Furthermore, you do not need to leave the LinkedIn profile page to create, communicate or add comments to the candidate in Emply Hire, because the Plugin is integrated directly on LinkedIn.


How it works…

1. Go to a LinkedIn profile

2. Click on the Emply icon , in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser, to open the Plugin

3. Fill out your login information to your Emply account

The system has now automatically loaded all the information that are accessible on the candidates LinkedIn profile

4. Add the candidate to a vacancy and click on “Create”
    The candidate is now created in your Emply Hire system on the chosen vacancy

Note, that it is also possible to search out existing candidates and work with these via the Plugin


The candidates profile

5. “Work with the candidate”

  • The candidates name is an active link, click on it and go directly to the candidate’s profile in your Emply account
  • Write a comment and select the vacancy it should be attached to, if the candidate is located in more than one vacancy. Click on “Write comment” to add the comment to the candidate
  • Add the candidate to other vacancies by choosing the correct option from the list and click on “Add”
  • Upload a relevant file from your computer by clicking on “Add file”. Afterwards the file is uploaded on the candidates profile
  • Add relevant tags on the candidate to quickly search out later on when needed
  • Add source, location, mail and phone if it is not already filled out

Note, that you can see the candidate’s status in the system next to each vacancy. 

6. Send message to the candidate

  • Click on the “Message” icon  next to the relevant vacancy

  • Add a colleague as Cc or Bcc by clicking on “CC/BCC”
  • Choose the language for the message
  • Choose one of your existing message templates from your account
  • Choose the design for the message
  • Attach document if you want
  • Insert other merge fields from the system if it is relevant
  • Activate SMS if you wish to send the message as a SMS
  • Click on “Send now” when the message should be sent to the candidate

7. Click on the “Close” icon, in the upper right corner, when you are done using the Plugin

Note, you have always the LinkedIn Plugin by your side in the right side of your screen.


It is also possible to use this feature to create candidates from other websites than LinkedIn.
You can easily with the Plugin create candidates from e.g. Facebook

How to add Emply’s Chrome Plugin to your Google Chrome browser…

  1. Go to Chrome Webshop
  2. Search on Emply
  3. Click on “Add to Chrome”
  4. Click on “Add app”
  5. Emply’s LinkedIn Plugin is now added


Click here and go directly to the Chrome Webshop (this only works from Google Chrome)