Video-interview of candidates

Do you want to optimize your recruitment process and save time on interviews? Then Emply's Video module is just what your company needs.

With the new Video feature you can create questions that can be send to a selection of candidates before an interview. This means that you in advance either can crop the field of relevant candidates or get more knowledge about the candidates before the first interview, and thus may avoid spending time on a second interview.
This will save time and money for both you and your company!

Below you can learn how to create a video interview, how the candidates answer the video interview and how you manage their answers.


How to create a video interview...

1. Go to the candidate overview.

2. Click on the tab "Videos".


3. Create video interview.

Language: Choose which language to use.

Video interview

Title: Write a title e.g. Invitation to video interview (this will be visible to the candidates)

Description: Here it is possible to specify a description about the video interview (this will be visible to the candidates)

Time for each answer: Decide the allowed length of each answer from the candidates.

Show on the application form: Mark this option, if you want the candidates to have the possibility to upload a video on the application form, instead of inviting candidates to a video interview.*

Answering is mandatory: Decide whether it should be mandatory to answer the questions or not.


New Question: Write your question here and click on "enter" or the green symbol  to add the question.

Question: Here it is possible to edit already added questions, delete or change the order.

Import Questions: Click here to import questions from previous vacancies.

4. Click "Save" to finish. Click on "Preview" if you want to see a preview of the questions.

5. Go to the candidate overview and mark the candidates you want to invite to a video interview.

6. Click on the message symbol and select "Send message now".

7. Select the template used for video interview - here called "Video interview".

8. Click on "Execute" to send out the invitation to the candidates.

*If the video upload is activated on the application form, then all applicants to the vacancy is presented with the possibility to upload a video to their application. We do not recommend this because it is not possible to screen on video questions, which means you have to go through all of the videos manually, which is time consuming.
Therefore, we recommend that you invite only candidates to a video interview, in which you are especially interested in.


How does the candidate answer?

1. The candidate receives a message with a link to the video interview.

2. The candidate can either choose to record or upload a video when answering the questions.


3. When the candidate have answered the first question, he must click the button "Next question".


4. When all questions are answered, the candidate must click the button "Send answers" to finish the interview.



How to manage the candidates answers...

1. Go to the candidate overview and click on the tab "Videos", where you easily can see how many of the candidates you have received feed-back from.


It is also possible to click on the number that shows how many candidates have answered, to see exactly which candidates have answered and which haven't.

2. Click on one of the videos from the candidates to see their answers.
From here, it is also possible to comment and evaluate the candidate.


3. Click on "Close" or the arrow to go to the next candidate.


Note, it is also possible to see the candidates video answers on the candidates profile from the candidate overview.


How do we get the video module activated in our Emply Hire system?

Contact the Emply Support on mail or phone 70 28 60 50 to get the video module activated and to hear more about the price for your company.