Invite to Interviews via SMS

In a modern time where the majority owns a mobile and always are available, wouldn't it just be smarter to invite candidates to an interview via SMS instead of an email?

If you agree, then you can get the SMS module activated on your account. For free of charge.
You will not get charged for activated the module or even get charged for use of it, because you will have unlimited use of SMS for 0 €.


How does the SMS module work?

To use the SMS module it only requires that the data type "Phone (mobile)" is used in the application forms and that it is mandatory for the candidate to fill in.
Furthermore a area code is required in front of the phone number. Therefore, we have also improved the data type "Phone (mobile)" as the system locates the country you are in and then automatically inserts the area code in front of the phone number. If it is not the correct area code, then is can just be changed manually.


Invite candidates to an interview with a SMS


You invite one or more candidates to an interview in the same way as you are used to do with an email.
The only difference is, that you on the tab Message either choose a template that normally is used to SMS or makes sure that you have activated "Send as SMS" on the message.
This means that you dosen't have to create new messages to get started with the new SMS module, because you can simply just activate "Send as SMS" on the message, when you are about to invite your candidates to an interview.

Note, if the template only should be used to SMS then you can have "Send as SMS" activated as a standard. This can be done under Messages in the setup menu.


Sent SMS can be viewed in both the Outbox and in the candidate log, furthermore the candidate log also shows if the SMS isn't delivered.

Do you also think that the SMS module is smart, then send a request to to get this feature activated and to let us help you to get started.