Media integration to more new job boards

A part of the search for new employees is also to choose the right publishing channels for the job, because which job boards are the best fit in the search for the right candidate?

We try to help you get an overview of which media you can choose from on the Publishing tab, by e.g. offering integration to different job boards. In addition to that, we can now tell that we have just expanded our range of media integrations to include the job boards Indeed, CareerJet and Jooble.

Alle the media are free of charge and have thousands of different job ads and visitors on their jobsite.

Of course, it is also possible to create media in Emply Hire, that we yet haven't an integration too.
In these cases, it is necessary to create an publishing agent (read more about that here).
With an integration, the publication of a job ad happens automatically to the media, which means that the job ad goes online on the requested jobsite automatically and without any manual processing by the jobsite.


How do I create a media with an integration?

1. Go to the main menu and click on "Setup".

2. Click on the menu "Media".

3. Click on the button "New Media".

4. Fill out a Title, select media type and a Third party integration.

5. Click on "Save" and the media is now ready to use.

Did you know that we also have integrations to...

  • Arbeitsförmidlingen
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook