Adding participants

1. At this point, your Project is saved, and now you want to add participants from your staff to be a part of the hiring process. In order to do this, press the button "Participants" to the right of the setup button in the top menu.

2. Now, the Participants interface will appear. Here you will have an overview of the participants added to the project. Press the button "Add Participants" on the left side of the screen.


 3. Add the relevant Participants to be a part of the project by typing their e-mail or name and select the user by clicking on their name.


4. When the specific participants are added to the project, then you can choose to send them a message as soon as they are added by enable "Send message". You can also set an later enable date or an disable date for the participants by enable "Enable later" or "Disable later", which means that the participants only have access to the project on the given date, or no longer have access on the given date.

Press save. The participant(s) are successfully added to the project. Choosing if the participant should be enabled or disabled later is optional.