Creating job-related questions

Job-related questions help you ensure, that the right candidates are applying, and at the same time Questions will make it easier for you to find that specific candidate, that you are looking for through searches and screenings.

The Job-related questions are meant as a tool to those vacancies where you could have some extra, but relevant questions, which are not included in the chosen application form. It could e.g. be that the candidate must have a drivers license and therefore it makes good sense to ask the candidate about this. Handling the recruitment afterwards, you can use the screening tool to sort out all of those candidates that does not have a drivers license. 
Note that only single option and multiple option questions can be used in screenings.

1. As soon as you have finished the first tab "Setup" when creating a new project, various options will show up. In this case, click on the tab "Questions".

2. Now, with the "Questions" interface in front of you, click the drop-down menu saying "New Question" in the upper left corner of the interface. Choose between "Options", "Text Answer" and "Import":

  • Choose "Options" if you want to add a question as a drop-down menu or list with single or multiple options and go to "Additional settings" while doing so, if you want to be more specific.
  • Choose "Text" if you want to add a question with single or multiple text fields for the candidate to answer. Here you can also go to "Additional settings", for instance, to change the height of the text box.
  • Choose "Import" if you wish to reuse questions from another vacancy.

6. If you want to add additional informative text to the application form that e.g. explains why you are asking these extra question, click on the button "New Text".

Tip: Always click the "Show" button in order to see how you questions looks from the candidate’s point of view.

You can create the questions as you like and add descriptive text if needed by using the “text” option when choosing the type.