The Document section is a simple but useful feature. Whether you want to upload a document for your own purpose or you want to share a document with the users of your hiring team, this is the place. You can also upload documents related to specific projects so your colleagues will know that the information in the document concerns the job opening they are working with. It could e.g. be links to a job ad or links to an internal document for a specific position.

Upload a document that should be available for all users

1. Click on the tab "Documents" in the top menu of the main Emply Hire interface. Then click on the button "New Document" and upload the right document of your choice.
Note, when the document is uploaded you can choose to make private  or visible for all users .

Upload a document on a specific project

1. If you are looking to upload documents concerning specific projects, choose a project and click on the tab "Documents" in the top right corner of the interface. Upload the document and note that you also here can choose if the document should be private or not.
Note that only users that are connected the project can see the uploaded documents if it is not set to private.

Insert link to a document in the job ad

1. Click on the tab "Ads" and mark and edit the job ad. In the field "Full ad text" click on this icon  and choose the document in the drop-down menu.