In your organization, you may only have a few or a lot of people involved in your hiring process. In Emply Hire, these are added as users and can interact with you and the rest of the team around projects, schedules, candidates etc. Let’s look at how to add a new user.

1. Click on the "Accounts" button in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the main Emply interface.


2. In the top menu of the Accounts settings, click on the tab "Users".

3. Now, click on the "New User" button in the top left corner of the Users interface.

Create a login and type in job information, location and more and click on "Save" when you are done. Your user has now successfully been created.

Note that the e-mail address is unique in Emply Hire, and each user must have a personal E-mail account. The password must, at least, have 6 characters containing numbers and letters.
Furthermore, it is possible to activate a deactivation date if the user only should have access to the system temporarily.


4. When you click on "Save" you can decide if you want to send an e-mail with the login information to the new user: