Project data

The "Project Data" section is where you can add all the preferred data that you want your hiring team to go through when setting up new projects. You can choose to make data that is either mandatory or optional for your recruiters to fill out.

1. Go to the "Setup" menu and click on the "Project Data" module. In this case, we will make a “Start date” section so that we will know when our future candidate can start working for us. Click the "New Date" button in the top of the screen. Then type in the preferred "Title", a short or long date and whether or not the data should be visible for candidates and mandatory to fill out.


2. Then go to "New Project" or to a already existing project in order to confirm that your project data has been applied in the "Project Data" section.


Note: You can also add:

  • Text data fields.
  • Drop-downs.
  • Selectors to upload files e.g. a job description or a selector for selecting a user as the contact person on the vacancy.  
  • Predefined data such as job title, departments and the possibility for candidates to share the project through social media.

3. Use the "Move" feature to drag and arrange your data fields in the order that you prefer.