1. If you want to design your job ad, go to the Setup menu and click Designs. Then click New Designs, choose a Title and Design Type and click Save. Your Design Type can either be a standard design or you can choose the advanced type if you want to customize your Design in HTML and CSS yourself.  

2. Click New Designs, type in a Title and choose whether your Design Type should be a design for Web or E-mail. In this case, we will choose a standard web design. Now, simply upload a photo and choose the colours that you would like to add. Last, click Save and your standard design will be ready to use.

3. If you choose to work with the advanced Design Type, this will open a code editor with a Head, Body and Stylesheet tab as seen at the upper right corner. The last tab to the far right, named Files, is where you upload e.g. images and other content to use in your code.