Inviting candidates for interview

When you have finished the selection process using search and screening, you have a number of candidates you want to invite for interviews.

If the order of interviews have no importance, Emply allows you to create a number of open interview time slots and send an invitation to the candidates. From there they can select one of the time slots. When a candidate selects a time slot, this is no longer available for other candidates. It will not be possible for the candidates to see who or how many candidates are invited.

1. Select the candidates you would like to invite.
2. Click on event in the upper right corner shown as a calendar.



3. Create an event.



Private: Choose if the event should be private or not - if the event is private the event is only visible for the attendees of the event.

Title: Fill out a title for the event e.g. 1st interview (this title will be showed to the candidates).

Description: Here it is possible to write an internal note to the attendees because this description will be send to the attendees with the invitation to the interview.

Attendees: Select the attendees to this event by writing their e-mail or name (note that the attendees have to be a user in the system)

Send invitation to attendees: Choose if the attendees should receive an invitation along with the candidates. If the attendees receives an invitation then it would be possible for them to add the event in their external calendar.

Reminder: If you like, you can set up a reminder about this event e.g. the day before. Both the attendees and the candidates* will receive this notification.
*If candidates should receive a reminder about the interview then it is required that a reminder is created under Messages in the Setup menu.

Date, Time and Location: Fill out date, time (from / to) and location for the interview.

Candidates: Click on the icon for "Candidates"  and choose between a "Open time slot" or a candidate to the specific date - if you choose "Open time slot" the candidate will be able to choose between all available dates for a interview from a list, but you will have to create more than one date with a "Open time slot".
Note that you can create as many dates with "Open time slot" as you like - the candidates will not be able to tell how many candidates have been invited, because as soon as one date has been chosen it will disappear from the list.

Attendees: Click on the icon for "Attendees"  and select whether all attendees involved should be invited to this specific interview, or if only some of them should be invited. 



4. Send message to the candidate by clicking on the tab "Message" from the menu in the top.


Language: If you have more than one language activated in your system, you must make sure to have chosen the right language for the message.

Template: Select a message from the templates and make sure that the invitation link is included. The selected message will be send to the candidates.

Design: If you have more than one e-mail design in the system, you can choose the required design here.

Subject: It is possible for you to change the subject line if you wish, simply write your own text in the field.

Text field: The templates are created during implementation. If you need to change this, you can just add you own text here.

Cc and Bcc: It is possible to set a user in the system Cc or Bcc on the message, but note that if you are about to send a message to more than one candidate, then the user will be Cc or Bcc on all of the messages.

Attach files: You can also attach a file if you have some relevant information to the candidates.

Send as SMS: Activate this option, if you wish to send the invite to a interview as a SMS*.
*If you wish to use SMS, then it is required that you have the SMS module activated on your Emply account.

Note that it is possible to see a preview of the message before you send the message to the candidate.



5. Click on the tab "Status" and select the status that the invited candidates must have, after the invitation is send.

6. Click on "Execute".

When you click on "Execute", the system will:

  1. Send event invitations to the attendees.
  2. Send an invitation to the candidates, asking them to follow a link where they can select the
    time slot they prefer or just a link to confirm the invitation.
  3. When a candidate accepts or declines, the Project Manager is notified.

If you click on ”Calendar” in the project overview, you can see your recruitment calendar and a list of open, accepted and declined invitations.

If you want to learn how to invite staff members for internal meetings look here.