Evaluate candidates

This document describes the many options available when a candidate is to be evaluated.

General about candidate evaluation via the Project List
When looking at the candidate list on a specific project, it is possible to evaluate each candidate with five simple functions.


1.  This symbol tells the users if the candidate has applied for a job position in your company before. The red number indicates how many positions the candidate has applied for.
When you mouse over the symbol you can see the status on the other applications.


2.  The Document symbol lets users see all the documents in a PDF viewer, that the candidate has attached when applying for the job.

If you want to see another candidate's documents, simply click on the white back and forth arrows or use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

3.  By holding the mouse over the Thumbs Up symbol, users can rate candidates by clicking Thumbs up, a Neutral Thumb or Thumbs Down.

Note that it is possible to see the total rating from every user when you mouse over the Thumbs up symbol and activate the total rating.

4.  This symbol let users comment on candidates. You can add comments that can be read by all participants, or you can add private notes that can only be read by you

Note: The administrators always can see these private notes.


5.  This symbol is only visible if user ratings have been made, but the symbol shows the average rating of the candidates - look below to see how you set up user ratings.
Note: From every user’s judgement, an average rating will be given. Ten is the highest score.

It is also possible to evaluate a candidate directly from the candidate's profile via the Topbar.
The Topbar contains all the familiar features from the candidate list, as described above.



Using ratings

The ratings are edited on the candidate overview on the evaluation tab (1);

The parameter you want to evaluate can be edited by the Project Manager and is project specific (see “2”). All participants can rate the candidate using the "Rating" section made by the Project Manager (see "3"). The results can be seen on the evaluation tab, or on the candidate overview.


Assessment diagram

The assessment diagram is a tool that enables the candidates to compete with the candidate after making assessment parameters on the candidate.

The diagram makes it easy and understandable to see what ratings the candidate has received and see the average of reviews from all participants on the project.

Once evaluation parameters have been set on candidates, all participants in the project can evaluate candidates based on the parameters mentioned above.

Enter the candidate's profile under the evaluation tab and click the "Show chart for reviews" button.


Here is the chart showing the participants' assessments.At the bottom of the image, participants can be individually discarded by clicking the name.


The blue color shows the average rating of all participants on the project.
(Karsten Pedersen = Black color / Jan Christian Erichsen = Orange color)