In Emply Hire there is endless of options when it comes to statistics. In general, this is ideal for recruiters that are reporting to Managers. The data that are used can be showed with different diagrams and graphs.

1. Click on the tab "Statistics" at the top of the main Emply Hire interface and click on the "New Statistics" button. This will open an interface with various options. The main point is to choose the specific Data, the type of graph or diagram to use, and to select the period of time where you want the data to be shown.

2. The "Chart" section is where you select the subject regarding the data you want to use. Simply use the drop-down menu to select the data you are looking for. This is also where you choose your preferred type of chart or diagram and the period of time you want to look into. 

3. In the section below you can choose the "Overall Criteria" of the data that you have chosen. As seen in the first figure below, we have selected "candidates" as our main data, and then selected "age" between 20 or 40 years old.

4. In the "Pools" section, choose the timeline of your chart and whether you want the "Type" to be "Manual" or "Automatic". Select the preferred pools to match with your data and criteria.

E.g. you want to look into which countries the candidates are applying from. In this case, if you are choosing your "Type" to be "Automatic", all of the different countries where candidates have applied for will be shown in the graph.

On the other hand, when choosing your "Type" to be "Manual" you can be more specific and detailed about the data that you want to be shown. Where the "Automatic" "Type" will show all countries, you will have the opportunity to select specific countries e.g. England, Netherlands, and France with the "Manual" "Type". 

Last, click "Save" and watch your visual data in a chart or graph. We recommend that you try different types of charts until you find the perfect one to show your data in the best possible way.