Publishing rules

Publishing Rules are made by administrators to set up rules for specific departments or users whenever they publish new job ads to a job board. For instance, when recruiters are making a New Project, administrators can make a rule saying that they themselves must approve the New Project before it can be published or that you wish to force your own homepage media in the Media Cart, so users always will publish the project to this media.

1. Go to the "Setup" menu and click the "Publishing Rules" button. Then click "New Publishing Rule" and type in a description for your New Rule. This will open an interface with different important settings.

2. Type in your media "Target", choose an "Action", and make your "Criteria".

3. In the "Target" section, choose to make a rule for "Specified Media", "Other Than Specified Media", or "All Media".

4. Now, if you want to make "Requests" for HR managers to approve, make sure to click "Publishing must be approved" in the "Action" section.

5. Click on "Save" and the publishing rule is now active.

If you want to learn more about Requests, have a look at the article here.