Workflows help you manage the hiring process end-to-end the way you and your recruitment team prefer it. Depending on the candidates your organization is looking for, you might want to manage the processes differently and this is where you will find Workflows useful. 


1. Go to the section Workflows in the Setup menu and click on the button "New Workflow".

2. Fill in a title on each available language. Mark the workflow as default if you wish to have this workflow preselected every time you create a new job.
Last, click on Save to create the workflow.

3. Next, click on New Step to add steps to the workflow. You can add as many steps as you like.
Fill in a title on each available language and choose where to insert the step if you have more than one workflow.

4. When all the steps in the new workflow are created you only need to assign statuses to each step, so you can manage your candidates. 
Click on "Assign Status" and select the status/statuses you wish to assign to a specific step. Last, choose where to insert the status/statuses and click on "Assign.

Note that you can create as many statuses as you like in the section Status.
Click here to see how to create a new status


5. The new Workflow is now successfully created with relevant steps and statuses.



If you want you can limit access for some users on specific steps or on entire workflows, if it only should be possible to select and use one of the workflow for some users or if you e.g. wish to hide candidates in some specific steps from the participants.

Click on "Open access" on the step or workflow and set up access by Departments, Users, User Types or Groups.