Statuses are actions that you can add in each Step of your Workflow to keep you and your team well organized and informed about the hiring process. Imagine you have a Step named 1st interview. In this case, you will probably want to add both an invitation and a refusal status. In general, Statuses are ideal to use for your hiring team in order to see how a project with candidates is doing or how it has ended.

1. Go to the section Statuses in the Setup menu.
From here, you can view and manage all of your Statuses.

2. Click on the button "New Status" to create a new status.

3. Choose the language, fill in a title and select the type of Status you want to make. Mark Message if you want to make sure that the hiring team also send out a message when changing a candidate status to this status.

4. Click on "Save" and the status is now successfully created.


Click here and learn how to assign a status to a workflow step