Templates for sending out messages

Message Templates are tremendously helpful when communicating with candidates or with other Users of your hiring team. For instance, instead of writing to each candidate individually you can send out multiple invitations or rejections to candidates with the use of Message Templates. This is an essential part of Emply Hire and is a true time saver in the long run of your hiring process.

1. Go to the Setup menu and click the Messages button.



2. Choose if the Message should be related to Users or to Candidates and click Save. In this case, click Related to candidates.


3. This is the main area for setting up your Message Template. Use the Settings, Languages, Predefined Data and Setup sections to create your new Message Template. It is also possible to send the message as SMS. Last, click Save.




It is possible to chose access on the message, so that it is only available for certain users.

Chose the tab Access, and here you can set up access to the message by Departments, Users, User Types or Groups.