User log

The User log section shows all of the interactions made by the different users in your team, and also a date and time for when the specific interaction was made.
Note that you only can see other users interactions in the "User Log" if they are within the same department or have administrators rights switch On on the user type. Administrator can see all interactions from every user in the system.

1. In the top right corner of the interface, click the drop-down menu to the left of where your name stands. Then click Accounts.

2. Now, click on the tab "User Log" and the history of interactions will be showed. In the upper left corner, you can use the search function to search for interactions or you can export the User log list by clicking Export to Excel in the upper right corner.


Note, when a user have access to User log then the user would also have access to a User log on each project that a user have access to.

This User log shows only interactions that have been made on the specific project, which allows the user to easily get an overview over what have happened on the project and also if the participants have received a message for instance.

Go to the candidate list to access the User log on the project.