Media > Packages

When you are in the "Media" section and have chosen a specific media to work with, a number of tabs will show. One of them is "Packages". In the tab "Packages" you can design various ad packages that you want to present whenever a project is about to be published in one or several media channels. In this way users can choose different priced packages that should be published in a specific number of days.

1. Go to the tab "Packages" and click on the button "New Package".

2. Package: Give your new package a title and add a description with more details included. 

3. Availability: Decide how many days the ad will be shown on the different media sites. You can have ads running for a specific number of days or have them running for an unlimited time.

4. Ads: Choose a specific amount or an unlimited amount of ads. If you have chosen a specific amount of ads, add the exact amount and the cost per ad and click on the green icon to add it in the package.