Language & translations

In the "Translations" section you can manage all of your translations. When you are adding new languages in the "Languages" section in the main setup menu, these will appear in the "Translations" section. Note that it is possible to translate to any language you want.

1. Go to the main "Setup" menu and click "Translations". This will open an interface with folders concerning different subjects that you are able to translate.

2. In this case, we will open the folder named "Predefined". Now, you will see a row of phrases that you are able to translate. Click the one that you would like to translate.

3. Now, boxes of languages will appear. You are now able to translate the specific phrase you have chosen to any language that you have added. Note: That it is the languages that you have added in the "Languages" section that will resemble here.

4. Last, click save and move on to the next phrase. 

5. In the "Languages" section you can keep track on how far you are from having translated everything in one language.

6. By clicking the drop-down menu on your username in the top right corner, you can go to user settings and switch the system language.