Media > Register rule

When making a new Career center media in the "Media" section, the tab "Register rule" can be a very useful tool. For instance, let's say you have created a talent pool named "Sales" and you wish to have all candidates that are applying and have chosen sales within their job area to be in this talent pool. Then you can make a rule that will automatically put the candidate in this talent pool if they have chosen "Sales" on the application form.

1. Go to tab "Register Rule".

2. Select "All Media" in the "Rule" section.

3. Select the criteria "Job Area" and choose the right option (in this case "Sales").

4. Click on "Save" and the rule is now created. 

Besides choosing "All Media", you can choose "No Media", "Other Than Specified Media" and "Specified Media" if you want the rule only to be activated on some media.

  • "No Media" will not apply any rule to any media.
  • "Other Than Specified Media" will choose all media besides the ones you have selected.
  • "Specified Media" the rule will only apply on the chosen media.
  • "All Media" will apply the specific rule to all media.