Media > Publishing data

When you are in the "Media" section and have chosen a specific media to work with, a number of tabs will show. One of them is "Publishing data". Here can you create text fields, drop-downs, date fields and file selectors that will appear on the form when publishing to a specific media and will be included in the "Publishing Agent" that is sent to the external media. For instance, you would like to add a text field where you can write a comment to the external media.

1. Go to the tab"Publishing Data" and click on the button "New Text".

2. Filled out the "Title" (in this case Comments) and choose whether the field should be mandatory, have multiple and even a maximum on the characters

3. Click on "Save" and the text field is now available on the tab "Publishing Agent" where you can insert it in the e-mail.

If you want to see how to insert the publishing data in the publishing agent click here.