Media > Publishing agent

When you are in the "Media" section and have chosen a specific media to work with, a number of tabs will show. One of them is "Publishing agent". This is where you can create the message that the external media will receive when a project has been published to it. You can create a publishing, a updating and a unpublishing message.

1. Go to tab "Publishing Agent" and click on the button "New Message".

2. First, write the description of the message for internal use e.g. Publishing message. Then click on "Situation" to choose whether the message is concerning publishing, unpublishing or updates. Next, write a subject e.g. New job ad, choose the internal receivers from your staff if you wish that the project manager or participants always should receive this message when publishing to the media, add the external receivers (a e-mail address to the external media) and choose the design. 

3. Last, write a relevant message to the external media and insert the merge fields that you want by clicking on the green icon.