The "Calendar" is a great way to keep track of your events and your invited candidates, because it gives you a quick and good overview of which candidates have accepted, rejected or not answered the invitation yet. Furthermore you can export a list of all the data related to a event so you are prepared for the interviews. 

1. Go to the "Calendar" tab on the project overview page or on a specific project.

2. You have the opportunity to see the "Calendar" in three different views - choose the third option if you want to have a quick overview on answers from candidates invited to interviews.


3. On this view you get following overview of candidates invited for events: 

Accepted: Here you can see all the candidates that have accepted the invitation for the interview

Unanswered: All the candidates here has not yet answered the invitation for the interview. If needed, you can resend the invitation or reschedule the event by clicking on the text "Resend or reschedule".

Rejected: The candidates here has rejected the invitation for the interview. Furthermore you can see the candidate's reason to why he/she rejected it - if you wish you can reschedule the event by clicking on the text "Resend or reschedule". 


"Traffic lights": This feature gives you a great overview of where to act before an event starts and is something you do not have in a regular calendar. The "Traffic lights", which are the small circles, indicate if candidates or attendees are participating.

  • The green circle shows that they will participate
  • The circle with border shows that they have not answered yet
  • The red circle shows that they have rejected the invitation

If you make a mouse over on the "Traffic lights" you can see more details about whom of the candidates and of the attendees are participating, have not answered or have rejected.


Export a list with all event and candidate information to the interview

1. Click on the button "Export".

2. Select the data you wish to export in the different drop-down menu's or export all data by clicking on the button "Export".
Note that it is possible to export this list from both the tab "Calendar" at the project overview page and from the tab "Calendar" on a specific project, but from the tab "Calendar" on a specific project it is possible to export more data regarding the candidates.

3. Choose how you wish to export the data by choosing between "Download file", "Send e-mail" or "Copy link" - Select "Download file" if you wish to create a PDF with all the data.


Add to external calendar

On the main calendar at the project overview page, you have the possibility to click "Add to external calendar" which will generate a custom link for you to insert in your own calendar. This way you will always have the current status of an event with time slots for interviews in the same place as you have your other calendar activities.

1. Make sure you are on the first view option.

2. Click on "Add to external calendar".

3. Copy the iCalendar URL and insert it into your own calendar.



If you do not know where to insert the iCalendar URL in your mail account, try to have a look at the below links - these are guides to those who use Gmail and Outlook: