LinkedIn integration

In Emply it’s easy to share a vacant position to LinkedIn – both to your own account/profile or to the company page.

How to do it?

  1. On the ’Publication’ tab you can add LinkedIn to the cart
  2. Click on the green button ’Proceed to Publishing’


3. Posting on LinkedIn (public)

  • Title: Make a headline for your posting
  • Message: Make a teaser text if required
  • Picture: Upload your logo or picture for the posting

4. LinkedIn invitation (e-mail)

  • Add the users in the Emply system, to whom you want Emply to send a mail regarding the possibility to share on LinkedIn
  • Language: Choose language for your message
  • Template: Choose the relevant template for your message

LinkedIn_PublishUK_2b.png5. Click the green button "Publish" to send the mail to all the persons invited.

6. The user (the person invited) just need to click on the link in the mail and follow the instructions from LinkedIn:

  • Design: Choose the design for your e-mail (pre-selected, if you select a message template)
  • Subject: Enter a subject to the mail (pre-selected, if you select a message template)



NOTE: Please note, that the user can only share on the company profile, if he/she has access to the company profile.

An administrator from your company needs to establish the media as well as a message template for this purpose, in order for you to publish to Facebook.

Emply would of course be helpfull with the set-up of media and message template, if required.