Sign documents with Visma Addo

You have found the right candidate for the job, and now you only need to get the candidate's signature on the contract. This process can sometimes be heavy and time-consuming.

But with Emply's new integration to Visma Addo you can reduce administration and streamline your workflows.


How does it work?

1. Upload the document on the tab "Documents" on the candidate's profile.

2. Mark the document and click on the button "Sign".

3. Fill out the mandatory fields and choose between relevant message templates or just write a new text.

4. Click on "Sign" to e.g. send an employment contract for digital signature to the candidate.

5. The employment contract has now been sent and awaiting signature from the candidate (see the Status column).

6. When the candidate has sign the document then there will be shown a Mark icon in the column Status.
The document now contain an extra page with the digital signature from the candidate.

What does the candidate receive?

1. The candidate receives an e-mail with a link that they would have to click on.

2. Then they will need to confirm their identity and log in.

3. Then they just sign the document with NemID or Touch signature.

4. After signing the document, the candidate receives an email with the signed document.


If you wish to hear more about the feature feel free to contact us at email or phone 70 28 60 50.