Create/edit departments

In this article you can learn how to manually create a new department in Emply. This is done here:

Main menu -> Settings -> Account -> Departments

1) Click "New department" in order to create a new department or...


.... mark and edit an already existing department in order to edit it

2) Fill in the information about the department 


You must at least fill in:

  • Title
  • Parent department

On "Parent department" you chose where in your business structure to place the department. Eg your Marketing department could be split like this:      


If data for the new department deviates from the master data - eg the address - it must be corrected here. Perhaps your HR department is located on another address that the Parent department. Or that your IT department is located on several different locations.   

3) Click "Save" when all data of the new department is entered, and the department is now created!