Create/edit users

In this article you can learn how to manually create a new user in Emply. This is done here:

Main menu -> Settings -> Account -> Users 

1) Click on "New user" to create a new user or...


... mark and edit an already existing user in order to edit it

2) Fill in the data of the new user


Lastly fill in the following fields marked red:

  • E-mail 
  • Username 
  • Role
  • Password*
  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • Department
  • Language 
  • Currency 

*The password is temporary; the user will receive a mail with a link, in order to create a personal password. See section 3.  

 3) Click "Save" when all data of the new user is entered

Now you can send a message to the new user, in order to notify him/her accordingly, and in order for the user to create a personal password. You can do this by e-mail and/or SMS.         

The message template "User created" will be pre-filled and it is possible to edit the text. 


4) Click "Send" or "Send later" and the new user is created!

The user data can be altered any time.