Send a form to a candidate or user

Here you can read about sending a form to a candidate, users in the system or an external mail address. The form could be a reference form or e.g. a video invitation form. 


Send a form to a candidate 

1. Select the candidate/s you wish to send a form 

2. Click the button "Form"


3. Chose the form you want to forward to the candidate



4. Chose "Forward to candidate"

5. Chose the template, you wish to use


You can also chose to write a text yourself. Please Note: The message must contain this keyword [], to ensure an active link to the form in the message, for the candidate to open and fill in.

6. Click "Forward" to send the message and the form to the candidate. 



Send a form to users or an extern mail address

You can send forms to users in the system or external mail addresses (persons, who are not using the system). It could be a special form for a reference person, or for a manager, who needs to fill in a form in connection with an employment. 

If you need to send a form to users in the system or external mail addresses simply chose "Forward to user" instead of "Forward to candidate" as mentioned in step 4, the next steps are the same.