Create candidate database

In this article you can learn how to create a talent pool with unsolicitated applications, which is an important part of the recruitment system. Let us create a new talent pool. 


1. Click "recruitment" in the main menu


Please be aware that the main menu kan vary depending on your usertype and which modules you have chosen in the Emply-system. 


2. Click the tab "Talent pools" 



3. Click "New talent pool" 




4. You are now on the settings page for "New talent pool"


5. Settings

In the tab settings you can change the elements of the "Talent pool" tab - Such as language, the tittle of the talent pool (internally and externally) and basic settings. 

6. Language 

Here you can add more languages for your job post, make sure the language is connected to your account. 

1. Hold the cursor over "+" to add another language to your job post 

2. The language is now added Monosnap_2020-05-12_15-22-38.png


7. Subject title and external title 

By the green arrows you can change the subject title and external title. Remember to do this with all languages you have chosen for the talent pool. The external title can be added, if you need the candidate to see a different title than the internal one. 



8. Hiring process

The hiring process (illustrated in the picture below) cannot be changed here, since it is defined from the templates chosen for the job, therefore this can be changed in templates. Emply_2020-05-12_15-28-58.png

  • Department: Add a department for the "talent pool". You can see the departments that are created for your company here: Main menu -> settings ->Account ->Departments. If a user have access to only one or two departments it's only these that will be shown as options. 
  • Tags: Add tags for a job, e.g sales, marketing or similar. 
  • Confirmation: Here you can see the confirmation message that are send to the candidates. You can see the message by folding out the module by the green arrow. This message is automatically attached if it's defined by the given message template. Otherwise you can change the message manually in the box or pick another available template. Emply_2020-05-12_15-35-00.png
  • Candidates can edit the application till deadline: You can choose if the candidates should have an opportunity to change their application after sending it. 
  • If this function is activated it's a good idea to follow up on this.

9. Promote your talent pool 

When you have filled in the above and clicked "Save" (top right corner) the system will send you to the page where you can promote the subject bank to your career site. You will be able to see the "career site" feature, which is created for your company. Main menu ->Settings ->Integrations ->Job publication. 


This is how you promote a job (in the following order):

1. Click "promote talent pool" on the media you want to promote

2. The picked out media will be added to your basket

3. Click "promote"


4. Click on "confirm payment"



5. When you have decided on the design, promotion and publishing described below, you can click "promote job ad"

Notes: Design -  Choose design, if you did more, Promote - Should the talent bank be promoted as fast as possible or on a specific date and maybe even time? Unpublish - Must the talent pool be unpublished manually or on a specifik date and or time?



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