Move candidate to Employee

I this article you can read about how you move a candidate from Recruitment to the Employee module.

1. Enter the job where you would like to move one or more candidates to the Employee module

2. Tap the "Candidates" tab to see all the candidates who applied for the job



3. Select the candidate (s) you would like to move to the Employee module to start a process and click "Move"



4. Click Employee and choose what data you want to move to the employee profile


 "Start onboarding" is only visible if you have the Onboarding module in your product and if you have access to start a process.

If you do not have "Start Onboarding", simply go directly to step 5.



4.1. Start by choosing:

  • The desired Area - e.g. Preboarding
  • The desired Pipeline
  • The desired Process



4.2. "Team", here you can see who will be assigned as team members and access this process. You can also add more team members by clicking "Add User" or wait and do so via the Onboarding profile at a later time.


4.3. "Start dates", if no date is set the tasks in this step will start immediately, as soon as the tasks in the previous step are completed. If, on the other hand, a date is set, the tasks in this step will only begin on that date - not before, even if the tasks in the previous step are completed.

Note, however, that you can easily correct these dates as well as skip manually to the next step if you need to.

Once the dates are set, you can choose whether the process should;

  • Wait for the set start dates to begin the next step or not, by enabling or disabling "Await for start dates to begin stages"
  • Start the tasks on the set date on the next step, even if the tasks on the previous step are not completed yet, by enabling or disabling "Force initiating stages on start date



Click "Move" to go proceed to next step.


5. Fill in the Employee form and click Save


Note, the Employee form may look different as it can be customized as needed.


Your process has now started and can be followed if you go to Onboarding!


 Did you know, that you can also move a candidate to the Onboarding module directly from the profile:7.2.png