Create/edit roles

In this article you can read how to create or edit a role. A role defines what a specific user/employee can see and do in the solution.


1. Go to Settings in the main menu 

2. Click on Account


3. Click on the tab "Role"

4. Click on "New role" in order to create a role or...


... mark and edit an existing role


5. Define the role's rights

Under each module - Employees, Onboarding and Recruitment - can you activate or deactivate the different features/buttons that an user with this role can see or could do in the solution.

You can also define if the role get access to Settings and e.g. be able to edit in templates etc.


6. Define notifications for this role

You can decide the default settings for the notifications that this role receives. Recruitment notifications can also be set on the specific jobs and these settings will overwrite the default ones. 
The specific users can also decide these settings on their user profile.


7. Click on "Save" to save the settings