Create a form for manually added candidates

Here you can learn to create a form for manually added candidates, and how to add this form to a job template.

Click here to find general guidelines to learn how to create/edit a form.

1. Go to Main menu -> Settings -> Forms 

2. Click "New Form" 


3. Fill in details of this new form: 

  • Titel: Name the form, eg "Manually added candidates"
  • Type: Choose Application Form

4. Click "Save"


5. Now define the content of this form for manually adding a candidate to a job
(Click here to learn more about creating a form in general)

6. Click Add Step and name the step 
(If you only have one step, the name will not be visible to the candidate)


7. Unfold the step in order to add elements 


8. Click "Add element" 

These three elements must be added by default: 

  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • E-mail

This is added like this: 

  1. Click "Add element"
  2. Unfold "Existing elements"
  3. Look for the above three default elements (one by one)
  4. Click on the element to add it to the form 


You can enter other existing elements to this form, eg CV as an option, as well as new elements. You can hide "Privacy Policy" and "Screening questions" for internal use by clicking on the eye.  


When you have defined the content of the new form for manually added candidates, you can add this to a recruitment template.  

9. Go to Main menu -> Settings -> Templates 

10. Open/edit a template 


 11. Add the new form to "Manual application form" on the tab "Information"


12. Click "Save" 

In this artikel  you can learn how to add new candidates manually to a job.