Standard setup of a form

Here you can read about the standard setup of a form, such as an Application Form, an Employee Form, an Evaluation Form or a regular Form. You can see how to create a Form here.

How to add a new step 

When you create a new form it will appear empty, and you have to build the content. We start by adding steps, in which you can add elements:

1. Click on "Add Step" 



2. Name the step


How to add a new element

1. Unfold the step, where you want to insert an element


2. Click "Add element"



3. Choose which type of element you require (Which possible answers would you like)  



4. Fill in content of the new element (Which question do you required answered) 
The content will vary depending on the type of element. 

Content of the type of element "Options":


Please note, when you want to add a new option, then you need to write the new option next to the green plus, and click Enter on the keyboard in order to register the new option. 

Content of the type of element "Text Answer":


Please note, you can add an existing element from another form. It requires that "Use in other forms". It requires the function "Use in other forms" to be activated on the element. This is done on the existing element when editing, and choosing "Settings" -> Advanced.  You can find a list of shared elements here: Main menu -> Settings -> Forms -> Shared elements  


Each question on an element can be made mandatory or optional

  • By unfolding the 'settings' tab for an element, the advanced section shows with these two options; 
    • Use for reporting = Saves data in an anonymized format in order to generate statistics regarding for example resigned employees or applicants who got a rejection. 

    • Use future registrations = Makes it possible to add a future registration whilst keeping the previously entered data. 

How to edit an element

It is possible to edit an element in a form. Open the form, fold out the menu and find the element you want to change, then click on the pen. 


When you click on the element, you can change the name, if you want to delete an element move the cursor to right top corner and click delete. It is possible to add more answer options (e.g. do not wish to answer) you can also add an option to select multiple answers, or make a dropdown menu or choose if it should be obligatory to answer. Lastly, remember to click "save". 



How to delete an element 

In is possible to delete elements in case you have element you no longer want or need to use. An example could be if you no longer want your candidates to fill out their gender in an application form. 


Click the bin icon in the row of the element you want to delete, confirm you want to delete the element. 


Lastly, remember to save the changes to the form.



Other tips for setting up a form

  • You can change the order of steps and elements by pull and drag the three horizontal lines:  
    mceclip10.png      mceclip9.png


  • When you mouse over an element, you can see three icons to permit:
    • Blue icon = Edit the element
    • Green icon = Quick shortcut to create a new element after this one 
    • Orange icon = Split into two elements, placed next to each other. It is possible to drag vertically to make the right setting/division and/or delete on the red X.      
  • Click the below icon under a step, to divide the step in a left and right column: 
  • Here you can read how to hide certain elements until certain options have been chosen.


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