Create a form

1. Go to "Form" via "Settings" in the main menu

2. Tap "New form"


... mark and edit an existing form


3. Give the form a title


Note, you can create the form in several languages by tapping the green plus, if you have multiple languages associated with your account.

4. Choose which form type you want to createEmply_2020-04-27_13-15-13.png

Note, which form type you create to fit the purpose. Regardless of the form type, the basic setup will basically be the same. Below is information about each type:

  • Application form = What questions should a candidate answer when applying for a job? (includes non-removable privacy policy element)
  • Form = General forms, e.g. reference collection, video form, supplementary questions or similar
  • Employee form =  Used in connection with the creation of an employee when you have the Talent Management Module 
  • Evaluation form = Can be used for example, to evaluate an interview, reference or similar (Contains non-removable evaluation score item 

5. Tap "Save"


 You have now created a new form, and you now have to build the content - you can read more about it here.

Did you know... ?

In the form types "Form" and "Evaluation forms" you can choose which areas to use, so that only relevant forms are shown in the right places in the system:


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