Password Policy

Do you have a defined security policy around passwords for e.g. computers og other internal systems, then you can read about how to set this up in Emply.

1. Go to "Account" via "Settings" in the main menu


2. Click "Edit" to define your password policy


3. Specify the desired settings


The length and difficulty of the password:

Choose between "Simple policy" (min. 6 characters and at least 2 out of 4 options) or "Advanced policy" (min. 8 characters and at least 3 out of 4 options)

Password expiration:

Choose whether users' passwords should expire after a specific period, so the user automatically is forced to change password continuously.

First Login:

Choose whether newly created users should be prompted to change their password automatically when they first sign in.


Note, if you use Azure Active Directory and you want it to be easier for your users to log in, then it is possible to connect your Azure AD Single-Sign-On, so your users do not have to use Emply's login page.

Read how to set it up easily in the article below:

Azure AD Single sign-on