Create/edit onboarding template

In this article you can read how to create or edit templates for the Onboarding module. It could, for example. be templates for Pre, On or Offboarding.

1. Go to "Templates" via "Settings" in the main menu and click "Onboarding"


The setup of Onboarding is flexible and can therefore be adapted to the needs and desires of all companies, as an onboarding template consists of one area, one or more pipelines and one or more processes.

  1. Create/edit area
  2. Create/edit pipeline
  3. Create/edit process

1. Create/edit area

1.1. Click "New onboarding area" to create a new area / tab under Onboarding or ...


... select and edit to correct the title of an existing site

1.2. Please provide title and possibly a brief description


1.3. Click "Save" to create the area


2. Create/edit pipeline

2.1. Click on an area to go to the pipeline


2.2. Click "New onboarding pipeline" to create a new pipeline or ...


... mark and edit an existing pipeline to edit it


2.3. Fill in details about the pipeline


Languages: Choose whether the pipeline should be available in multiple languages

Title: Enter the title under the different languages

Employment Process: Fill in "Employment Process" and click "Add Step" to add the various steps that this pipeline should contain. It is a good idea to add some general categories/steps that employees have to go through for example a preboarding process.
Later (in point 3 of this guide), tasks are added during the various steps.


TIP: it is possible to change the order of these steps by dragging the boxes..

2.4. Click "Save" to save the pipeline


3. Create/edit process

3.1. Click on a pipeline to go to process


3.2. Click "New onboarding process" to create a new process or ...


... mark and edit an existing process to fix it

3.3. Choose language and enter title, as well as an access if not everyone should be able to choose this process. Then click "Save"


3.4. Click "Add action" from the step you want to add an action


3.5. Choose between Task, Message, Form and Notification


- Assigned and finalized in the system
- Define the recipient

- An email being sent
- Define recipient and sender
- Create message template

- To be completed by the recipient (user, employee)
- Define recipient and sender
- Create form
- Create message template

- Short message received in the system
- Define the recipient

3.6. Then click "Add Action" on each action if one task is to be triggered when another is completed


3.7. Click on the cross in the upper right to close the process

Your area, pipeline and process are now set up and ready to use!

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