Create export file - document

By using export documents, one can easily generate a document for a candidate or employee, e.g. contract or other agreements. This means that you can upload a template that you use for contracts, and insert keywords to automatically merge data into a document e.g. name, email, address, telephone number, amount or similar.

In below articles, you can learn more about how to export documents:

1. Go to "Integrations" via "Settings" in the main menu and click "Export"

2. Click "New export"


3. Choose "Document" and tap "Continue"


4. Give the export document an internal description


5. Choose where the document shall be used in the system: "Employee", "Candidate" and/or "Onboarding"


6. Upload your export document

In this file you can use keywords, so this data is automatically filled in with export, as the employee/candidate may already have filled in some data. See a simple example of this under attachments.


You will find the keywords by tapping "Keywords".  From the overview, you can press the green plus a a given keyword, and the keyword will be copied to your clipboard, which you can paste into your export document.

7. Choose the following if needed:


  • Should the document export as PDF?
  • Should the document be grouped into one of you have selected multiple employees/candidates?
  • Should the document be places under the employee/candidates document's?

8. Create export data if needed

Do other data need to be completed before export? If yes, these are created as export data - here you can choose answers such as text, dropdown or date. You can also find their keywords in the "Keywords" overview.


9. Tap "Save"

See the attached file with a simpel example for inspiration. 


NB! You can create export documents in multiple languages by hovering the mouse over the green plus, and choosing from the languages added to your account. Sk_rmbillede_2020-07-13_10-27-36.png