Create / Edit approval process

Here you can learn how to create/edit approval process in Emply. It is an advantage in case jobs are created decentralized, and you need an approval flow when publiching jobs.

1. Go to main menu -> Settings -> Approvals 

2. Click "New process"


.. or select and edit an existing approval process


3. Name the process enter a description if needed
You can enter title and description in a second language connected to your account, by clicking the green "+"


4. Click "Save"

5. Choose the subject of the approval process: Job, Job promotion or Talent Pool


6. Choose which criteria should match for the approval process to be triggered
This could be an appartment, a certain job category, a job detail or a media.
In case the approval process is always to be triggered, choose "None". 


7. Click "Save"

8. Click "Add Step"


9. Fill in details concerning the approval step


  • Title: Name the approval step
  • Trigger: What will trigger this step 
  • Approvers: Who and how many can/shall approve 
    You can mouse over "Need to approve" and choose how many approvers need to approve
  • Area: Which area needs to be approved *
    • Job ad
    • Job ad details 
    • Screening questions
    • Basic Settings
    • Internal Details
  • Description: You can enter a description here

* Only to be entered by approval of Job, see step 5.

10. Click "Save"

11. You can enter more steps be repeating step 8, 9 and 10

12. When finished you can activate your new approval process by clicking the button "Inactivated" and it is now active and ready for use