Approve/Reject absence

This article explains how you, as an administrator or leader, are able to approve or deny an absence request. 

To approve an absence request you must have administrator rights within the specific employees department.

Please be aware that you will be automatically notified if one of your employees attempts to register absence.

1. Go to 'Employees' in the main menu 


2. Click the tab 'Absence' to view absence awaiting approval


3.1 Godkend.png Mark and click the checkmark to approve absence 


Click 'Save' and the absence is approved. 

3.2 Afvis.png Click the cross to reject the marked absence


 Click save and the employee will be notified that the absence is not approved. It's possible to add a comment that can be viewed by the employee. 

3.3 Videresend.png Click the arrow to forward the absence approval to an employee


Approve: Choose the employee you wish to forward the absence approval. You can choose between all employees, but it's only the specific employee that you choose, who will be able to access the absence registration.