Add or withdraw absence manually on an employee

Here you can learn how to manually add or withdraw days of absence on an employee. To do this you must be either the manager of the employee, administrator or have administrator rights for the employee's department.

1. Go to main menu - Employees


2. Click on employee in order to change the allowance 


NOTE, it is only possible to change the allowance on the employee profile, if you have a absence widget available. This is determined under      "Visninger".

3. Click on "Change Allowances" 


Allowance: Choose which allowance is to be manually changed.

Days/Hours: Choose if you want to add or withdraw days/hours 

Effective date: Select a future effective date, if the change is to be implemented later.

Expiration date: Select an expiration date if the add on days/hours must only concern a certain period.

Comment: Write a comment and it will be visible in the tab Activity. 

4. Click "Save" to save the change

Under "Allowances" you can see the activity of each employee. If a user has added/withdrawn days, or if the system has added days to the employees allowances will be visible here.