Azure Active Directory



This integration can synchronize your user groups in your Azure AD with Emply.

This integration can also sync your calendars, making it easy to convene with multiple attendees.

It would therefore be appropriate to have an AD group that includes administrators, managers, employees and one for meeting rooms.

Usually we have imported employees into an organizational structure when your system is set up. After that, we will be able to automatically create new users when they are created in your AD if an employee is already in Emply it will also get a user login and role.

Activate Azure AD

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When you activate this with an Azure AD account, Emply entitles you to the following. 


Configure your integration


Default role Set this to role with lowest permission ("Employee" or "Hiring team")

  • Note! Roles for higher permissions are administrated manually in Emply and will not be changed after the first synchronization.

Default department Choose a department where you will import new AD users.

  • Note! Our implementation team will connect users with employees upon start up. 

Groups choose AD groups to synchronize

Synchronize calendars switch On / Off 

Meeting rooms Here you add meeting rooms the same way you add users.