Create/edit views

In this article you can read about how to create or edit views on the employee profile.
Under views, you can define what an employee profile should look like when different users click on an employee.


Go to "Views" via "Settings" in the main menu



There are two types of views of an employee profile - the "full" view and the simple view.

1. Employee profile
At the full view, the user who has access can see the following:


Notice what the user can see from e.g. master data depends on the user permissions set up on a "master data" form. See more here.

2. Simple employee view
If the user does not have access to see the full profile, but only the simple one, the following is displayed:


1. Employee profile

1.1. Click "New Tab" to create a new tab on the employee profile or ...


... mark and edit an existing tab to edit this


1.2. Click the green plus to add a widget


1.3. Choose which widget to insert


1.4. Your Employee Profile tab is now created


TIP: If the tab is only to be displayed to certain users when they see an employee profile, then this can easily be defined with access.
For example, you can under "Users" select "Employee" or "Manager" if the tab is only to be displayed if either the employee is looking at their profile or if the manager of the employee is looking at the profile.

To enter the "Access" tab see below:




2. Simple employee view

2.1. Click on "Simple Employee"

2.2. Define what information should be displayed and whether it should be possible to schedule a meeting and create a task



TIP: You can determine the order of information by dragging the boxes.

3.3. Click "Save" to save the simple employee view