User permission on a form

Do you want to define specific user permissions on a form, in order for not every user to see and edit all elements on a form? Such as the Master Data form, to limit the edit possibilities for certain users.

Here you can learn how to define user permissions on forms.

1. Go to Main Menu -> Settings -> Forms

2. Open/edit a form

3. Click "Settings" 


4. Unfold  "User Permissions" 



5. Click "Add Permissions"


6. Define which users to be included of this admission

Click edit pencil:


Titel: Name the group.

Department: Bestem om det er specifikke afdelinger denne gruppe omfatter.

Roller: Indicate if specific roles are to be included in this group.

Users: Indicate if specific users are to be included in this group.
Eg you can choose "Employee" or "Manager" if the employee is to be able to look at his/her own profile, or if the manager is looking on an employee profile/Master data.


7. Define which permissions to grant this group 

You can determine, if the group should only be able to see and not edit some of the elements by clicking "Read only" 


If the group is to see and edit then choose "Create and edit" and then define on each single element:

  • default.png Default:  The user can edit and see element
  • mceclip6.png Mandatory: The element will be mandatory for users to fill in 
  • mceclip7.png Optional: The element will be optional for users to fill in
  • mceclip8.png Read only: It will not be possible for the user to edit the element only to see it.
  • mceclip9.png Hide: The element is hidden for the user.

8. Click "Save changes" to save the user permission

The group is created and you can add further user permissions on the form.