Assign a task regarding an onboarding profile

In this article you can read how to assign a task to another user. one or more onboarding profiles / employees.


1. Go to Onboarding in the main menu



2. Click on "Pipeline details" on the process or on the associated tab to find the desired onboarding profile/employee


You can also click directly on the onboarding profile from the Overview tab.


3. Click on the onboarding profile/employee the task relates to



4. Click "Task"


Triggers: Choose whether to trigger the task now or after one of the steps in the flow.

Delay: Choose whether the task should be triggered with delay, e.g a few days before the assignment is delegated.

Title: Enter a title for the task.

Shared/Private: Decide whether this task should be viewable by other users or whether it is private by clicking the padlock.

Due Date: Determine the due date for completing this task. Put a reminder by activating the clock icon.

Description: Enter a description of the task.

Responsible: Choose which user should have this task assigned. You can also choose yourself if it is a task for you or the employee if this one has a user.


5. Click "Save" and notification will be sent to the responsible user if it is not yourself



Did you know that you can also assign a task to another concerning multiple onboarding profiles/employees at the same time.

Simply select the employees to whom the assignment relates and click "Tasks":