Approving jobs and Media

This article explains how you can read and approve a job and the promoted media. 



There are two types of approval - Job and media approval. In this article we assume that you want to use both. 

Here you can read how to create/edit approval rules 

When a job is created and it has been promoted to the to the chosen media, the user will automatically be asked if they want to start an approval proces. 



1. Go to the job that you want to approve

2. Click the tab "Needs approval" or approval under the tab "approval". 



NB, the person that must approve the job receives a notification 

3. Look through the job and the areas that must be approved

mceclip1.pngYou can fold out sections to see more information, or click the pencil to edit. 

You can also add a comment that can be seen by everyone that have access to the job. It makes sense to add a comment if you reject the approval so the user who created the job will be aware that the job is rejected. 

4. Click "approve" to approve the job. 

The person who approved the media will receive a notification.  

5. Go through media and publification data. 

You can fold out the sections to see more information, and click the pencil to edit. 





 6. Click "approve" to approve the media

NB, every single media must be approved individually. 

7. The job and the media is now approved and the job is now online.


Here you can read more about how to create a job and promote it 


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