Promote to Facebook

Here you can learn how to promote a job to Facebook, when you have activated Facebook as a media

1. Go to the tab "Promote" on the specific job

2. Click on "Promote job ad" on Facebook


3. Click on "Check out"


4. Click on "Confirm Payment"


5. Fill in following details: 


  • Job ad: Choose job ad, in case you have several
  • Layout: Choose Layout, in case you have several. Click on the eye, if you wish to see a preview
  • Publish: Choose "As soon as possible" or choose a specific date and time
  • Unpublish: Choose "Manually" or choose a specific date and time
  • Notify people: Add persons you would like to share the job on their Facebook. You can add users from the system as well as external mail addresses.

6. Click "Promote Job Ad" 
A mail is now sent to the notified persons, for them to share the job on their Facebook profile. 



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