Create export file - Excel/CSV

By using export files, one can easily generate a file for a candidate or an employee, e.g. employee list. This means that you can create a template to use for this purpose, and insert keywords to automatically merge data into a document e.g. name, email, address, telephone number, amount or similar.

In below articles, you can learn more about how to export documents:

1. To to "Integrations" via "Settings" in the main menu and click "Export"

2. Click "New export" 


3. Select "Excel/CSV" and click "Continue"


4. Give the export file an internal title and select whether the export file should be Excel or CSV


5. Choose where the document shall be used in the system: "Employee" and/or "Candidate" 


.. or choose if the export file should be used as export for payroll system, so the file can be chosen when creating a payroll group


6. Create/select export data

Add existing data elements that should be included on the export file
Click on "Add existing element" to search/chose an existing element


.. or create export data, which is filled in before the export file is generated


7. Click "Save" and the export file is now ready to use