Create/edit publishing agent

Should there be an automatic action on promotion? If so, you can read more about creating a publishing agent in this article. It could, for example, be an email to the media or to your own communication department about promoting a job and / or publishing a job.


If there is not to be an automatic action after promotion, then in this article you can read about how to finder et link manuelt til et medie


1. Go to Integrations -> choose the desired media and click the tab ''Publishing agent''


Notice, the following steps are alike no matter if you create an agent, updating or unpublishing

2. Unfold "Publishing", "Updating" or "Unpublishing" depending on what agent you want to create

3. Click "New message"
Note that you can create more messages if more messages need to be sent about a job promotion - perhaps the accounting department should receive one message and the marketing department another


In the end click Save

4. Unfold messages

5. Fill in details about sender, recipient and message content:

  • Description (For internal use only)
  • Targeted package: Select about this
  • Language: Select language if the media is created in multiple languages
  • To: Select who is to receive the message
  • From: Choose who should be the sender.
  • Design: Select the message design
  • Message content


6. Click "Save"

Repeat the 6 steps, if you want to create more agents.